hg at (mt)

Tech Notes

New installation

Follow the (mt) tutorial. Add or create this line to your [ui] declaration in ~/.hgrc . This works around the HOMEDIR install path of your local version of hg. [ui] remotecmd = /usr/bin/hg Without it hg will try to execute the same path on your remote servers which probably doesn't exist. -bash-3.2$ hg -v pull ssh://repo/[reponame] running ssh repo "/var/www/vhosts/example.com/bin/hg -R [reponame] serve --stdio" remote: bash: /var/www/vhosts/example.com/bin/hg: No such file or directory

Copy an existing installation

# setup mercurial $ cp ../example.com/.bash_profile ./ $ cp -R ../example.com/.hgrc ./ $ ln -s ../example.com/lib ./lib # mirror ssh config and keys $ cp -R ../example.com/.ssh ./ # set up repo $ mkdir repository $ cd repository/ $ mkdir source version backup content # make sure that your user owns all these bits and pieces. # log out and in again or execute bash profile $ . ~/.bash_profile # clone the repo $ hg clone ssh://[repository.com]/[reponame]